Imagine for just a moment that you won a dream client, how would that change your business?

Would that double your revenue?
Would you be happier about the work you are doing?
How would that affect your personal income?

Really imagine that for a moment…

At this point, you have probably gotten most of you clients through word of mouth and referrals.

Maybe you have tried various client acquisition tactics but saw minimal results. 

Maybe you are halfway through launching a new marketing campaign, but they just never seem to get it out the door.

Or maybe you are paralyzed by all of the options for marketing yourself and don’t know the best route forward. 

The lack of an organized and structured approach to winning new clients is hurting your revenue, your personal income, and is preventing you from accomplishing your goals. 

That is why I am launching the Win Your Dream Clients Accelerator Program. 

What is the Win Your Dream Clients Accelerator Program?

What it is:

This program is a simple, structured way to get access to my knowledge, wisdom and insights on growing your business. 

You can join the program at anytime, and leave at anytime. 

Who the program is for:

Agencies and Consultants who need to win new clients or upgrade the quality of the clients they are working with.

The Format:

90 Minute one-on-one kickoff call

Every student will receive a one-on-one 90 minute kickoff call. This is a time for me to learn as much as I can about you and your business, so I can provide proper guidance in our future calls. 

On this call we will define what your specific learning objectives and goals for the program are. This will enable us to have a north start that we work towards together in each weeks call. Every week, you will make progress toward your goals and desired learning objectives. 

Weekly Group Accelerator

After your initial kickoff call, you will join the weekly accelerator program every Tuesday from 9am-10:30am EST . During this time, we will go round robin with each of the 5 students to talk about their specific situation and whatever questions they may have. Each student will have at least 15 minutes to talk with me one-on-one about any questions or challenges they are facing. 

At times, this may turn into group discussion where we share stories or collaborate to solve problems. Other times it may be us having a one-on-one conversation about the specifics your business. 

During the program, you can learn by seeing what others are doing, and you can also learn by getting insight into the specific challenges and questions you have in your business.

Limited Seats Available

A total of 5 students will be admitted to this first accelerator program. This limitation is put in place so the program stays small and intimate so we can focus on solving the specific growth problems related to your business. 

What we can discuss with our time:

The time we spend together can form to your needs. Some examples of ways we can use our time are below:

New Client Acquisition Strategies

We can work together on building and refining a strategy specific to your business focused on helping you win new clients.

Write and revise outreach and copy together

We can review scripts and even work on getting outreach to new prospects out the door together

Review emails

In addition to working on outreach together, I can also review email scripts and what you are currently doing to see how it could be improved. 

Proposal & Deal Consulting

Having trouble getting a deal closed? Scared you are going to botch this opportunity? Let me be a sounding board, and I will give you my two cents. 


Together we will refine how you position yourself in the market and describe what you do


Keeping you on tack with doing outreach, marketing, sales or staying on top of your pipeline


Are you already active with sales and marketing initiatives but sense that they could be improved? I can come in as an outsider and provide feedback on how you can improve. 


Are you struggling to figure out where to focus your time, or even worse do you get distracted by the next shiny thing. I can help you stay focused on the essential actions that need to be done.


I can provide you recommended resources to learn form, contractors to work with, tools to use. 


If what you need is a coach to pump you up, then count me in. I love giving the “pep” you need to make it happen. 

Goal Setting

Together we can set goals for you business and track and monitor your progress toward those goals on a regular basis. 


Bonus Add-Ons!

In addition to the weekly training and coaching, I have two additional offers that will make this program even more valuable for you.

1) Private Slack Community

You will also be invited to a private slack community where you can message me anytime to ask questions or specifics about your business throughout the week. This community also includes a public channel where group members can converse and share learnings with each other. 

2) Free Access to my upcoming book

By joining the program you will also get early access to my upcoming book Win Your Dream Clients for no additional cost. This book is full of email templates, scripts, tactics and strategies all about winning new clients.


If I can help you win 1 new clients through our time together, then this program will pay for itself

Limited Seats Available:

This program will be limited to 5 participants.

This is meant to be a small, intimate program where every student receives
at least 15 minutes per week of one-on-one time. 

The price of this investment:

Think of this as an investment in your business.
When you win one of your dream clients using the lessons learned,
you will pay for the price of the program 100 times over.

Price of the Accelerator Program:

The Win Your Dream Clients Accelerator program costs $395 per month. 

There is no long-term commitment, you can graduate from the program at any time.
Payment is due at the start of each month's coaching cycle.
Payments can be made via Paypal, Debit or Credit Card. 

The most inexpensive way to access my insights for your business:

This is the most inexpensive way to receive regular access to my ideas and insights. My hands on consulting engagements with clients start at $2,950 per month and one-on-one coaching with clients begins at $1,450 per month. If what you want is access to my thoughts and ideas for growing your business, this is the most inexpensive offer I have to accomplish that. 

Money back guarantee:

If you aren’t happy with the experience, then cancel before your second scheduled group call and I will refund 100% of your first months payment. 

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