If you love (or will love) creating results-driven marketing campaigns with measurable results and actionable strategies that win business for our clients

...then we want you as an Account Strategist.

Company Intro

Outbound Creative’s mission is to help consultancies and digital agencies win their dream clients via highly custom and personalized outreach campaigns.

In specific, we are looking for someone to help with our website critique service. You can learn more about this service here outbnd.co/critique.


Life > Work
Under Promise & Over Deliver
Lifelong Learning
Positive thinking
Mutually beneficial transactions

Role Description

Account Strategist
We are looking to hire 1 account strategist

This position is full-time and virtual. Meaning you can work from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

Who this position is PERFECT for

  • Someone who values lifelong learning and personal growth
  • Someone who is ready to work smart AND work hard. Reality: growing a business is hard. Whining isn’t appreciated here. If you have a problem, come prepared with a solution...or better yet, fix it and tell us how you solved it.
  • Someone who is self-disciplined, self-motivated, and values measurable results

Who it’s not for

  • People looking for a “side gig” or “side hustle” while you’re trying to grow your own business. We want someone who is with us for the long haul, not the person looking for any opportune moment to jump ship.
  • People who need hand-holding and micro-managing. Babies need management, adults manage themselves and take responsibility. If you need a to do list handed to you...look elsewhere.
  • People who ask simple questions that a quick Google search can answer
  • People who go to Job boards, Craigslist, etc. and machine gun out their resumes everywhere because they hate their job and complain about their boss. If you send us a resume, your application will be ignored.

Duties and Responsibilities

What you’ll be doing

  • You’ll be assigned to 3-4 client accounts.
  • Responsible for managing, implementing, testing, and optimizing outreach campaigns for those clients
  • Act as the main communication bridge between them and us
  • Working directly with our Chief Strategist to manage the day-to-day operations of running client accounts
  • Creating video or text critiques of businesses’ PPC/SEO/Content marketing efforts, who are potential clients of our clients
  • Managing email campaigns and consistent follow up with target accounts

Skills and Other Requirements

What we’re looking for

  • You’re a tenacious overachiever and welcome any challenge to prove it
  • A strong sense of taking ownership over projects
  • “Can do it” mindset and actively seeks to solve problems in a way that prevents conflicts
  • Creative thinker who can solve problems by themselves
  • Organized and detail-oriented who can follow exact directions. Also, you must be extremely comfortable working in a virtual position
  • Someone not easily discouraged. In fact, when problems hit you in the face, you adapt and get stronger. (Shoutout if you’re antifragile)
  • We care about outputs (winning clients effectively and consistently) over inputs (time it took you). We hope you value outputs as well. 80/20 Richard Koch style!
  • Can work in a fast paced environment. Figuring things out and then creating a SOP to prevent that problem from occurring again will be part of your daily routine.
  • You can embrace the “quick solution” mentality, but also will dive deeper when necessary


  • You have basic knowledge of PPC, SEO, and content marketing and how each DIRECTLY impacts a business’s revenue or profit.

We need your resume. Just kidding, we couldn’t care less. Resumes are overrated. For the love of baby Jesus, don’t send that thing. We want top performers only. If you haven’t actually generated revenue for a company before...don’t apply.

Instead give us in your video or application:

  • Results (with KPIs/important metrics if applicable) you were directly responsible for along with your roles for each
  • Creations you are most proud of (anything you like)

Optional but you will be given precedence for

  • Familiarity with direct response is a plus.
    • You know who Ogilvy, Collier, Hopkins, Schwartz,  Bencivenga, Kurtz, Makepeace, Caples, Perry Marshall, Jay Abraham, Ken McCarthy are. You’ve read their stuff. Multiple times.
    • You’ve handwritten their ad copy by hand before
  • Familiarity with screen recording software like Camtasia, SnagIt, OBS, and Screenflow

Base Pay

$12/hr for time during the 2 week trial and initial training. If we decide it’s a good fit, you’ll start at $15/hr with room for growth. If you can get results, you’ll get rewarded.

Pay for performance

We structure performance incentives with all of our clients. We make money when they do, so if you can help them win clients, you will make more.

There is room for growth for you in the future here as we are rapidly growing. If you can produce results for our clients, we will compensate you well and will move you into a position where you have unlimited potential for income growth.

Here’s what you need to do now

If you’re ready to help us build an empire (in your underwear if you want, since this is virtual) then step forth into the crucible and test your mettle.

We want to hire fairly quickly and you’ll be hitting the ground running if accepted, so the process is going to be somewhat intense.

Failure to follow these directions *precisely* and *completely* will result in your application being fully ignored.

What to do next

Step 1: Complete this application

The deadline for Step 1’s application is August 10th.

NOTE: You’ll be working as a 1099 contractor and NOT a W-2 employee.