One of my first clients for Outbound Creative was The Mobile Growth Agency (TMGA).

TMGA is focused on helping mobile apps acquire more users and retain the ones that they already have. Think of them kind of like a paid marketing consultancy that is focused on mobile apps. 

Target clients

TMGA's target clients were heads of marketing at apps that were growing, but showed signs of struggle. When targeting clients, we looked for a few key factors that signaled that someone was a good fit.

  1. PR about mobile initiatives - The first trigger was any PR about a push toward mobile growth within a company. For example, when we found out that Pizza Hut was wanting to improve their mobile experience and compete on convenience, we knew they were a perfect fit. 
  2. Hiring for mobile growth roles - One of the biggest problems with mobile growth is that the industry is so new that there is a lack of talent with any experience available. When we saw companies that lacked internal growth teams hiring for these roles, we also used that as a trigger.

The strategy

When we were trying to figure out TMGA's strategy, we looked at what had been successful for them before. 

In the past the company had one of their best clients by showing up at their office with a box of doughnuts. 

It sounded goofy, but it was true to their brand and who they were so we ran with it.

For TMGA's outreach strategy, we created cakes with a custom URL on top of each. In addition to the cake was an envelope with the prospects name hand written on the outside. 

We coordinated with local bakeries to have these cakes created and delivered to each prospect. 

When each prospect went to the landing page, they found this personalized video created just for them.



The results were amazing

The first batch:

  • We delivered 9 cakes
  • 7 of the decision makers responded within 72 hours
  • 2 agreed to phone calls

The second batch:

  • We delivered 7 cakes
  • 6 of the decision makers responded within 72 hours
  • 4 of the decision makers agreed to phone calls



Outbound Creative was able to help us get in the door and line up meetings with several of our dream accounts.

The prospects enjoyed the unique outreach and many even cited it as the reason they took our calls as opposed to all of the other people who just reach out to them with a basic email.

Outbound’s team was great to work with and I would highly recommend them to any other companies who are struggling to get in the door.
— Mike Howard, CEO, The Mobile Growth Agency