This headline may sound a bit ironic, but bare with me for a moment.
You can use eye-catching outreach to close your inbound leads.

How you ask?

Well tell me if this situation sounds familiar?

<Email from client> Hi, I am interested in working with you.

<You> Great, let’s get on a call

— Phone call —

<Client> This sounds great but let me think it over and talk with my team before we move forward. Let’s connect on a call next week.

<You> No problem, I understand.

—A week goes by

<You email client> Hey Alex, I wanted to follow up and see what your schedule looks like this week to connect on a call.

<Client> Thanks for following up. I am slammed this week, let’s plan on next week.

— A week goes by

<You email client> Hey Alex, just following up to see if you had time to hop on ac all this week.


— A week goes by

<You email client> Hey Alex, I am just following up again to see if you had any time this week.




It happens to all of us. We get a client who shows interest, but then for some reason or another they just drop off and quit responding. 

We continue sending email outreach and sometimes eventually they respond, but once your lead hits this state things aren’t looking good for your ability to close.

Even if the client still has the need, if you don’t stay on top of them and reel them in while they are warm, then another vendor can quickly come along and pick them off in a month or two when they are ready to by.

How I used eye-catching outreach to close an inbound lead

As many of you know, I also use inbound marketing tactics to find clients for my business. One great method for me has been LinkedIn through being active and connected, occasionally people just 'stumble upon me' and my headline pulls them in. This means every now and then I get a great quality inbound lead through LinkedIn.

One day I got an inquiry from a video production agency out of Los Angeles called Capacity. I looked into their work and was blown away by what I saw. This is a very established company that has been around for years and does incredibly artistic and amazing work for very large brands. They had clients such as Youtube, Nintendo, Esquire, Yahoo and many more.

Their VP of sales had reached out to me and I was able to get her on the phone for a 30 minute call. The call went great and she was really interested, but she needed to get the approval of the CEO before she could go forward.

After our call, she met with the CEO the next day and I got an email stating this:

“We really like what you are doing but just don’t think right now is a good time. Let’s connect again in a few months and talk more then.”

Anyone in sales knows that sometimes this is sincere, but often when a few months rolls around you just are never able to get in for that meeting. 

This was a good company though and I wanted to get my foot in the door. 

Here is what I did...

I looked at their website and tried to find an angle. One of the spots that stuck out to me was Nintendo. Erin had mentioned on the phone how they loved that client and it was an amazing and creative project to work on.

So I bought an original Nintendo Controller from the NES. The old school one with two big red buttons. 

On the back of the controller I pasted a simple message to the CEO. 

“Hey Ellerey, want to win more clients like Nintendo? Then go to

The package was addressed to the CEO who I had not met yet, but was the final decision maker.

The video was custom tailored based off of my conversation with Erin.

It followed this simple format:

  1. Introduce myself
  2. Compliment the company and the quality of their work
  3. Present ideas about how Capacity could use outbound. 
  4. Make the ask for a simple meeting with Ellerey when the time is right. 

Note how I presented my ideas on how we could work together in the outbound. Even though they weren’t at a right time to engage, I wanted to plan the seeds in their mind of what a relationship between our companies could look like.

The day the controller landed I got an email from Ellerey and it was exactly what I was hoping for. 


Inbound and outbound don’t have to be completely separate strategies from each other.

Use eye-catching outreach to close your inbound leads!