In other examples, I showed you how I turned a slightly warm relationship into a paid client.

But what about taking a client from totally cold, to starting the relationship. That is what I did when I reached out to Cultivator, one of the largest Ad Agencies in Denver. 

I had done my research and came across Cultivator and I was blown away by their quality of work. They do the design and advertising behind New Belgium Brewery, which is responsible for beers like Fat Tire.

That alone was enough for me to realize that these guys were big dogs and played with the big boys.

That didn’t scare me away, instead I just took extra special care in how I approached them.

Here is how I did it...

I researched the hell out of the company. I figured out who the key decision maker was, and then found out everything I could about them online. I looked at press articles, LinkedIn pages, their whole portfolio and everything I could find about them online.

Then my team and I set out on creating the most personalized package we could possibly create.

The outside of the package was brown butcher paper, a jute rope and a hand written tag for the CEO of the company.


One of the brewery’s Cultivator had worked with was Great Divide Brewery. So we went out and picked up two six packs of their beer. We pulled the labels off each bottle and turned those labels into coasters. 


Then we took the six pack cardboard itself and cut it up. We turned these labels into custom notebooks made from packaging that Cultivator had designed. 

I recorded a personal video pitch just for Matt

I recorded a personal video pitch just for Matt

Then we hollowed out an old vintage book as the container to put all of this inside.

In addition to the coasters and notepads, we also included:

  • A scroll with information about Outbound Creative
  • A wax sealed personal letter written just for the CEO
  • At the bottom of everything was a small card with a custom URL
  • That URL took the CEO to a landing page with a personalized video just for him

We went above and beyond on this outreach and it worked.

Within 24 hours I got a response from Matt through the landing page form. 


This package was extremely personalized, extremely relevant and extremely eye-catching. And it worked.

This is how I got a meeting with the CEO of one of the largest Ad Agencies in Denver.