Here is an example of another campaign that landed me a dream client.

Prospect: DelfiNet

There is a software development agency called DelfiNet that I had a desire to work with.
They do big work, have a great client roster and many mutual acquaintances spoke highly of Keith the CEO.

I had talked with Keith briefly on a podcast interview, but I did not have much of a relationship with him beyond that. 

So here is what I did…

Keith lives over in Japan and runs his agency from abroad. I thought this was a pretty interesting fact and wanted to create something that played into that.

I sent Keith a message in a bottle…

Inside the bottle was a little note that said “Hey Keith, go to [Custom landing page]”

When Keith went to that custom landing page, there was a video playing just for him.

And well, the video speaks for itself….


The Results

Keith got the package, and his response was priceless. Below is an email I got from Keith after he received the package.

This email was the start of a conversation hat lead to me closing Keith as a client.

The outreach was personal, it was relevant, it was fun and it was eye-catching.

All that mixed into the start of a conversation that lead to DelfiNet becoming a paid client.