Jake has been instrumental in building our sales team and sales processes. He first helped us refine our value proposition and messaging which has made a massive difference in our business.

He has also been meeting weekly with my sales and marketing teams to set priorities, coach them and give feedback.

My schedule is jam packed with high quality meetings with prospects as a result. I would highly recommend Jake to any agency looking to build, scale or optimize their sales team.
— Albert Stepanyan, CEO of Develandoo


Develandoo is a development agency with operations based in Armenia and Bulgaria and sales efforts spread across Europe, the USA and Mexico.

When Develandoo came to me, they had won a few large accounts as a result of the founders existing network, but had not built any sales channels outside of the founders existing network.

There was a sales person and a marketing person on staff, but both had been ineffective thus far at producing any meaningful results.


Clarifying the value proposition

The first step to working with Develandoo was to clarify their value proposition and clean up their marketing materials. I worked alongside the partner to pull out the unique elements of Develandoo’s model and showcase them on the website. These three unique elements are:

A lead developer works on site from your office - While most offshore agencies only work remote, Develandoo had created a model where a lead developer would actually travel to the clients office and work in person with them. That lead developer would then manage a remote team.

After their initial project, the company could hire their team as full time employees - While most agencies hold their talent close, Develandoo had innovated and created a hybrid agency / staffing firm. This became a core part of their messaging and value proposition.

Develandoo was to be positioned as a software accelerator - Instead of making Develandoo look like another development agency, we positioned it to look like a software accelerator that partnered with other incubators. This enabled us to approach incubators, startups and investors in a much less threatening way. 


Building the marketing materials

The next step of the process was to build out the actual marketing materials for Develandoo. I took this value proposition and created copy for a new website and pitch deck about the company. I also worked alongside Develandoo's internal design team to turn the copy into a finished website and pitch deck. 


Leading the Develandoo Sales Team

I also began meeting with their sales and marketing teams on a weekly basis as follows.

  • Monday - Meet with Sales and Marketing teams to answer questions and set priorities for the week.
  • Friday - Meet with CEO, Sales and Marketing teams to go over metrics and results for the week. Gather feedback from CEO and adjust strategy for upcoming week.

This weekly cadenced helped us iterate quickly and consistently launch new campaigns and projects on a weekly basis.

I trained the sales team on how to send high quality cold emails to high value decision makers and get responses.

I trained the marketing team on how to do mail merge outreach campaigns which we continued to use to book the CEO as a speaker for events and then line up meeting surrounding those events. We even put together and hosted our own event. 


Creating a targeted event to generate leads

Another tactic we implemented was to create an event in Berlin called Data Intelligence Days. We hosted the event at a local incubator and then had the event listed on Meetup.

The first step was for the CEO to pull in the first speaker from his existing network. This was a big name speaker from a company called New Relic which gave the event some credibility.

We then reached out to a ton of high profile contacts in the Berlin area. We ended up booking speakers from Microsoft, Airbus, HYVE and Blackwood Seven Group. All of the individuals who spoke 

The first value we received from the event was connections to these high profile speakers who would have otherwise not taken meetings with us. Develandoo is now in negotiations with two of the speaking companies about partnerships and deals. 

After we had the speakers lined up, we ran a mass outreach campaign targeted towards individuals in Berlin with an interest in AI, Machine Learning, Data Intelligence, etc. 

We sent out roughly 1,000 emails that invited people to the event and also offered an opportunity to meet with Albert, the CEO of Develandoo. 

We booked 40+ meetings through this event alone and packed full the room to capacity at 200 attendees. 

We have now locked down the date for the early 2018 and will be hosting a full day mini-conference for Data Intelligence. 


The Results

Prior to working together, the Develandoo sales team was producing minimal results in regards to qualified meetings booked.

Here are the stats for our first two months of working together.

  • Week 1- 5 meetings booked 
  • Week 2 - 7 meetings booked 
  • Week 3 - 12 meetings booked
  • Week 4 - 11 meetings booked
  • Week 5 - 11 meetings booked
  • Week 6 - 16 meetings booked
  • Week 7 - 14 meetings booked
  • Week 8 - 11 meetings booked
  • Week 9 - 10 meetings booked
  • Week 10 - 12 meetings booked
  • Week 11 - 10 meetings booked

That is 119 meetings in 3 months.

The CEO’s calendar was now booked with calls on a weekly basis with prospects exactly within his target market. Many of these calls were with startup incubators and accelerators.

But most importantly, the internal sales team now has the tactics, knowledge and training necessary to continuing producing these types of results without my ongoing support. 

As of the time of this writing, we are continuing to build out the sales flow and support structure to aid the CEO in nurturing and closing the highest value opportunities based upon all of the initial meetings we have set.

But were the meetings actually quality?

Here are the logos of just a few of the companies we booked meetings with. 

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