One of my clients is a software development agency based in Europe. 

Through the connections of the owner of the company, we lined up a speaking gig in Berlin that was alongside several other high profile speakers. 

Prior to the event, we ran an outreach campaign to ~500 target customers in the Berlin area who would have interest in the topic of the event.

We used the event to create a sense of urgency for how long the CEO would be in Berlin which helped increase the number of meetings booked.

In total we secured over 20 meetings with potential customers while the CEO was in Berlin.

Replicating this approach

After the success of this first campaign, we continued to replicate this approach in Los Angeles and Munich. Each campaign generated 10-20 meetings booked for the CEO. 

This strategy is still in effect today. We continue booking new speaking engagements and then using those as a catalyst for outreach to new prospects.