How I won the business of a growing software development firm

When I was starting Outbound Creative, I was seeking to get my first clients on board. Given that my business model is built largely on commissions, it makes sense for me to work with companies who are doing large sales. The bigger the sales, the higher my commissions.

There was a software development firm that I was familiar with named Gistia. These guys are specialists in Angular JS. They incredible front end development work & offer training for enterprise companies. An average client for them will lead to $50k-200k in annual revenue.

They do great work and I wanted them as a client.

I had briefly met the CEO through a past venture but I did not know him well.


I wanted to win his business, so here is what I did...

I put together a package for him, this package was so unique and so custom.

The container itself was a vintage hollowed out book. 

The book was wrapped in brown jute rope with a tag that had the CEO’s name hand written on it.






When he opened the book, on top was a letter wax sealed for him.

Underneath that letter was a scroll with information about Outbound Creative.


There was a moleskin notepad and a nice pen as a free gift for him.


Under that was a simple call to action card that took him to a URL where I had recorded a personal video just for him.


The Results

His email response says it all...


I won Carlos over as one of my first clients for this company.

He was beyond ecstatic about working with me and it lead to a long and profitable partnership.