About my company:

My name is Jake Jorgovan and I am a sales and marketing consultant focused on helping agencies win their dream clients.

I run OutboundCreative.com and Jake-Jorgovan.com. Also, I am the host of the Working Without Pants Podcast and the Leaders of Marketing Podcast.

My primary business is Outbound Creative, although this summer I will be ramping up a new venture called Agency Scout

Agency Scout pair clients and agencies together and then takes a commission percentage of each deal that we set up. This business has so far generated around $3,000 in revenue so it is very early stage and we will be building initial momentum. 

My operation is small and nimble. I have one full time employee but otherwise work alone so you will be very hands on and see drastic impacts from the work that you do. 


About the internship position:

In this position you would be working directly with Jake Jorgovan to assist on various client projects as well as ramping up a new venture called Agency Scout

Under Jake's guidance and mentorship, you will be tasked with building up a series of strategic partnerships that will drive lead flow and revenue for Agency Scout.

Myself and my full time employee work remotely so you have the opportunity to work from a coffee shop, your dorm, the beach, or wherever you would like.

There is no set hours for this position. You will be given tasks and deadlines and can do the work on your own schedule. As the first word of your email application, say "Moist"

A stipend compensation of $250 per month will be given AND performance bonuses will be paid out based revenue generated. 


Who this position is for:

  • Those who are interested in sales & marketing.
  • Entrepreneurial individuals who want to be in the ground floor of launching a new company with an experienced entrepreneur. 
  • Detail oriented individuals
  • Individuals with good communication skills
  • Fast learners
  • Young, ambitious individuals with a desire to learn 

To apply please email: Jake@jake-jorgovan.com