The first success I had in outbound marketing was back in 2010. I was running a video production agency that created graphics for large scale stage productions of touring artists and corporate events.

When you go out to a concert and you see this video walls on stage, that is what we did.
We created the video content that went on those walls. 

Our ideal client

Event planners, with video budgets of $30k-$140k. 

We worked with the high end of the industry.

The Research

As we dove in and researched the industry, we learned that there were only a handful of event planners who worked with events of this size. We dove through trade magazines and eventually found a ‘Top 50 Event Planners’ listing that ranked the top event planners in the industry every year.

We went through the list of event planners and identified thirty planners who we believed had the budgets to hire us and would be interested in working with us. We then researched the hell out of these event planners and figured out everything we could about them. 

The Outreach

Then we reached out to those event planners with highly personalized emails. This wasn’t a spammy outreach, it was a personal and relevant email. The email was framed around how we could help them. 

Follow Up

We then stayed on top of these people and continued following up with them. Out of the 30 event planners we targeted, we ended up working with three of them. Those three event planners brought us on for some of the largest events in the industry.

Our strategy was simple. Identify your top customers, then do whatever you can to get in front of them. 

It took time, it took hard work but it ended up leading to us building relationships with some of the largest clients in the industry. 

I wrote a detailed step by step blog post of this process at