We help you win more clients.



You are the owner or decision maker at a company who can pull the trigger and hire an online marketing firm. 




Every day you are overwhelmed with email, phone calls, social media, meetings, and people trying to sell you something


Cold callers interrupt your day and piss you off. And cold emailers get deleted before even being given a chance.



But then one day, a slightly different email arrives.  



Subject: A personal video for you…

Hey Joe,

Congrats on recently being selected as a finalist for Chicago’s Best Companies to work for. I was browsing through your company culture page on your site and I have to say it looks like an amazing place to work!

So I have an interesting idea that can help you grow your business, but instead of just sending you an email about it, I recorded a personal video.

You can watch your personal video here: outvid.io/joe

Once you get a chance to watch through, let me know your thoughts and if you would be interested in talking more.

- Jake  


When you click on the video link, you are impressed. This company who wants to work with you has put together a critique of your website and online marketing presence.

They walk through with a screen share and show you some things you are doing well, and some areas where you could improve.

This isn’t a spammy message, but a personalized video that was created just for you.

The video is only a few minutes long so you watch it through and hear what they have to say.

At the end, you find they have piqued your curiosity and clearly know what they are doing.

You reply to learn more.

The relationship has started.