The Situation:

Parachute Media is a social media consultancy based out of Nashville, TN They are also the creators of the rapidly growing Lifestyle Brands Camping With Dogs & Camping With Cats. Parachute hired Outbound Creative to help them break into the outdoor industry.

What we did:

Outbound Creative first researched and analyzed the outdoor industry to locate brands that could benefit from Parachute Media’s expertise. Then Outbound devised an outreach strategy to these brands that leveraged the credibility of Camping With Dogs to open the conversation. 

Outbound acted as appointment setters between Parachute Media and prospective brands and did all of the outreach and set up appointments for them.


Results from the first 60 days of the campaign:

  • 50 brands were contacted

  • 25 responded

  • 13 phone calls were held

  • 4 proposals were created for clients (Some are still in buying process)

  • 1 client signed

Parachute won a dream client

The client that signed was the leading global footwear company in the outdoor space that had been a dream client of Parachute for years. This was be one of the largest and most reputable brands that Parachute had ever worked with.

In addition to this signed contract, Parachute has several more potential deals in negotiations and a repeatable process to target additional new clients each month. 

Client Testimonial

In just a few months, we had our first signed deal with one of our dream clients and proposals in the works for several others.

Outbound Creative did exactly what they said they would do, they won us our dream clients.
— Ryan Carter, CEO of Parachute Media