Pick my brain sessions

While I would love to hop on calls or grab coffee with every person that reaches out to me, the simple truth is that I have limited time.

I am to keep my work weeks below 30 hours per week, and in order to do that I cannot give away my time for free.

In addition, there is this little thing called the Endowment Effect.

Basically it is the idea that people don't value things they get for free, but they do value things they pay for.

That means if I hop on a free call with you, you probably won't take any action from it.
If you pay for it, you are more likely to actually turn those ideas into action. 

How it works

1. You submit payment through this link

2. I send you a Calendly link to schedule time for a 60 minute slot.

3. We connect on a 60 minute phone call. I start off the call asking questions and learning more about your business and then move into providing actionable feedback and advice. 

Length of session