The Goal: By the end of the process, you will have an outbound email marketing process up and running that you can operate and run on your own.

What is included:

  • Definition of buyer persona
  • Creation of prospect research process
  • Set up of email marketing software
  • Creation of email scripts
  • Training on handling responses
  • 2 weeks of ongoing support after first campaign launches


  1. Discovery Call - We will hold another 60 minute discovery call so I can ask more detailed questions and learn more about your business
  2. Setup - I will set up your email marketing software, research an initial batch of 50 prospects and document the process
  3. Script writing & Strategy - I will write email scripts for your outreach campaign. These scripts will be custom to your business and focused on finding a unique angle that will help you stand out. 
  4. Training - I will train you (and any team members) on how to run the process. We will send the first campaign together over a live video conference. (The conference will be recorded)
  5. Handoff - I will handoff the entire process to you and then remain on call for 2 weeks to answer questions.

Timeline: The process will take a total of 4-5 weeks to complete.

After the Powerup: I am available for ongoing coaching, optimization and support as needed.

If you land one new client through outreach,
this process will pay for itself. 

(If I can open up a new sales channel for you, it will pay for years to come)


Within one month of launching our outreach campaign we scheduled 10 meetings with potential customers. The Outbound Powerup was well worth it and we will be continuing to use this sales channel for years to come.
— Alek Cadykoff, DeviQA
I already secured several meetings with incredible prospects thanks to Jake’s insights.

The whole process was incredibly helpful and gave me a much more clear idea of what I needed to do to move my business forward.
— Amin, A.Y. Tech
I highly recommend Jake and his team. As I write this, I am flying to Vegas. Jake’s team scheduled 20+ meetings this week, and nearly 40 ‘interested’ people. He killed it.
— Florian, DesigningIT
In just a few months, we had our first signed deal with one of our dream clients and proposals in the works for several others. Jake did exactly what he said he would do, he won us our dream clients.
— Sam Claitor, Fable House