Outbound Creative is seeking a detail oriented project manager to come on board and help manage operations.

This is a full time role with the expectation of working 35-40 hours per week. 

About the lifestyle and company values:

You can work from home and have a flexible schedule as long as you hit deadlines. Eventually, we will set up a fulfillment office or location that you will be responsible for and will need to go into on days that we have packages going out. But for the most part, you can kick back in your PJ’s and work remotely. 

One of the highest values that I am holding at this company is life / work balance. There will occasionally be some deadlines that we have to hit, but I am not going to work you like an ox. This company will require hard, focused work, but we will always be sure to maintain a strong life work balance. Our goal with this company is to build an incredible place where everyone involved has a quality balanced life. 


What you will be doing:

In our business, we run eye-catching outreach campaigns for clients. To full understand what we do go to OutboundCreative.com

As you can imagine, physical packages like this have a lot of components to it. 
Now imagine doing 10 of those packages. 
Now multiply 10 packages per month by 8 clients, and you have 80 of these packages going out on a monthly basis. 

Each one is uniquely personalized for the prospect we are going after.
All of them have a personalized letter.
Almost all of them include a personalized video for the prospect.
As the first word of your application write ‘I like details’. 
And attached to each physical mailer is an ongoing follow up campaign.

So it’s a lot to manage. 


What this role would be responsible for is the following:

  • Appearing on all calls with all retainer clients
  • Managing research team
  • Managing video editors
  • Uploading custom videos to youtube
  • Managing web team for custom landing pages
  • Managing designers
  • Handling fulfillment at first, and then eventually building a support system for fulfillment of packages
  • Copy editing letters and double checking all videos and materials before they go out
  • Coordinating with post office / FedEx and keeping track of shipments
  • Writing Standard Operating Procedures around all of these tasks so that as we grow, we can hire additional project managers that work alongside you


The ideal candidate should:

  • Have experience in project management of creatives, developers, or marketers
  • Have experience in fulfillment 
  • Be a leader with experience managing a team
  • Be extremely detail oriented
  • Have a love for processes and making things run smoothly
  • Be enjoyable and fun to work with

Timeline of hire:

This role is full time, and I will be making a hire by early to mid-February. The position is remote so you can work from home, although you do need to be based out of the Colorado Springs / Denver Area so that you can coordinate with my existing team on the ground. 



$3,000 per month starting compensation. 

The hire will be on a 3 month trial. At the end of 3 months, we will re-evaluate if this is a right fit, and also consider a raise based on performance.