If you are reading this page then you already know the value speaking engagements can bring to your business. 

They can attract new clients to you.
They can be amazing for networking.
They can grow your email list.

And they can establish you as an authority in the industry. 

But the problem is that most agency owners and consultants just take whatever speaking engagements that land in their lap. 

Most have never done the research to identify what speaking opportunities exist out there.

And they don’t have a plan to actually reach out and get booked at those engagements.

Outbound Creative’s Speaking Engagement Research & Blueprint is the first step to fixing that problem.

How it works

1. Define your target engagement

We will connect over a call to define exactly what your target speaking engagement is. We will answer the key questions such as:

  • At what types of events do you want to be speaking?
  • What size of event is required for you to speak?
  • Who is your ideal audience?
  • Is your goal with speaking to be paid fees, to generate leads, or both?
  • What are examples of conferences or associations that you already know which would be a perfect fit?
  • What speaking materials do you have available, and what will need to be created?


2. Identify opportunities

Once we have defined your target criteria, our research team will put together a list of all potential opportunities that meet your criteria. As we dive through these, we will locate the following information:

  • Name of the conference / organization
  • Brief background on the conference / organization
  • Dates of potential events
  • Submission deadlines for speaking engagements (If applicable)
  • Requirements for speaking submissions 
  • Key contacts for speaking engagements 


3. Build a calendar of events & outreach strategy

Once we have identified the opportunities for you to speak, then we will put together a calendar and outreach plan based on the key dates and deadlines for each speaking opportunity.

At this point we will also put together a proposal for managing outreach and speaking submissions for you that is based on the quantity and needs of your specific outreach plan.


To summarize:

This is an initial research project where we will identify all potential speaking opportunities for you that meet your target criteria. 

We will then create a calendar of events and submission deadlines for you along with an outreach plan for booking you at the events. 

At the end of this research and planning engagement, we will submit a proposal for implementing the speaking engagement outreach for you.


Value to your business:

Know the landscape of opportunities

If you asked most entrepreneurs what all their potential speaking engagements are, they could probably name a few key conferences, but they have never looked beyond this.

This document will give you the research to know all of the key hubs and potential avenues for you to pursue in your industry and the industry of your target prospects. 

A speaking strategy

Not only will you have the research, but you will have an actionable pan with key dates, submission deadlines, and everything you need to book more speaking engagements.

This is the first step to more speaking engagements

This is step one of the process. Once we complete this for you, then we will submit a proposal to implement this outreach and help you get more speaking engagements. 


If we book you 1 new engagement,
and that engagement leads to 1 new client,
then this entire process will pay for itself.


Have additional questions?

Have questions, feel free to email me at jake@outbnd.co