Step 1 - Discovery

In discovery, our aim is to understand your business and your customers on a deep level. 

Who are the best clients you have had in the past?
Who are your dream clients?
What is the title of the decision maker?
How do they make decisions on who to hire?


Step 2 - Research & Strategize

After discovery, we begin to research your dream clients and creating an outreach strategy.

Each campaign is customized specifically for your prospects.


Step 3 - Asset Creation

Next we create assets for the campaign. 

These assets can range from a simple letter to unique and eye-catching materials. 


Step 4 - Implementation

Finally, we begin implementation. Implementation is more than sending out a package, there are other strategic components surrounding the launch. 

After the campaign is launched, it is up to you to close the sale. 

We start the relationship and it is up to you to turn that relationship into a paying customer.