Outbound Creative

Win your dream clients through focused, relentless, eye-catching outreach


Outbound Creative

Win your dream clients through focused, relentless, eye-catching outreach

While you’re doing everything else, have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients.
— Chet Holmes, Sales Legend & Author of The Ultimate Sales Machine.

This quote from sales legend Chet Holmes embodies the fundamental concept behind Outbound Creative’s approach. 

There are a lot of ways that you can make sales for your business.
Referrals, inbound marketing, affiliates, thought leadership, etc.
Often, these tactics attract paying customers, but they don’t always attract your dream clients.

They don’t attract those 20% of buyers who make up 80% of your revenue. 
Those big fish who not only keep the lights on, but are enjoyable to work with and profitable at the same time.

Those dream clients rarely just drop in your lap. 
Instead, you must seek them out.

That is what we do at Outbound Creative. 

We create eye-catching outreach campaigns that win you dream clients. 

We work with you to build a list of dream clients, and then we relentlessly target them until they hire you.

Winning your dream clients isn’t a one step process, it is something that takes time, focus and dedication. 
But when you land just one of those dream clients it will drastically change your business. 
When you land several, your business will never be the same. 

Think about this for a moment…

What is one dream client worth to you in annual revenue? 
How much happier would you and your team be if you were working with dream clients?

Now imagine you had one more of those dream clients in your business. How would that change things?
Now imagine you have 5 more of those in your business…

Stop reading and imagine that for just a moment...

This is what we do at Outbound Creative, we help you win your dream clients. 

We do this through creating eye-catching outreach campaigns, and then staying in touch with those clients with relentless follow up.

We don’t take no for an answer.
If you truly believe that your business can help these prospects, then we don’t back down.

This sounds relentless, and it is. But it works.

Using this strategy, the team at Outbound Creative has landed the following companies as clients.

  • Wal Mart
  • Hyundai
  • Fidelity Investments
  • Burger King
  • Telemundo
  • YMCA 
  • And many more. 

Let us work with you to build a list of dream clients and then execute a campaign that will turn them into your customers for life. 



How we structure our engagements


How we structure our engagements


A done-for-you service

We connect on weekly phone calls to discuss strategy, needs and progress on your goals. 
You give your input and approve the campaigns, we do all the hard work.

We research the prospects, write the copy, design the campaigns, send campaigns out, follow up and handle everything for you. Our mission is to get you on the phone with those dream clients who are primed and interested in your company.

We get you on the phone with your prospects, but closing the sale is up to you. 

In this engagement we will:

  • Hold weekly strategy, goals, and progress meetings
  • Research a list of dream clients for you
  • Create a detailed report on each dream client and decision maker
  • Create a project management system that allows you to organize research and track your dream client initiative 
  • Design and create any necessary marketing collateral for the outreach campaign
  • Source any necessary materials for the campaign
  • Assemble and mail packages
  • Follow up with prospects via email and phone call
  • Stay on top of prospects until they agree to get on the phone with you
  • Coach you through closing the sale
  • Coach you on how to keep clients happy so they are customers for life 

What our clients are saying

What our clients have to say about working with outbound

What our clients are saying

What our clients have to say about working with outbound

Parachute Media is a social media consultancy based out of Nashville, TN.

Parachute brought on Outbound Creative to strategize and build an outreach campaign focused at winning the attention of large brands in the outdoors pace.

What you see here is Ryan's raving testimonial about his experience working with outbound including our attention to details.






The pricing outlined below is for sending campaigns to 10 prospects per month

Discounts for performance incentives 

We believe that having skin in the game makes for a better relationship and generates better results. We have structured discounts off the retainer cost of each package in exchange for a sales commission. 

We offer discounts in exchange for performance based incentives for two reasons.

  1. It lowers the stress on your monthly cash flow while still giving us the resources necessary to do a great job for you. 
  2. It incentivizes us to do the best job we can. When you make money, we make more money. 

We expect you to take one of these discounts. We want skin in the game. 
It motivates us to do the best possible job for you. 

Options for engagement

$3,750/mo + 0% sales commission

$3,250 /mo+ 3% sales commission

$2,750/mo + 6% sales commission

$2,250 /mo+ 10% sales commission

These options are for sending up to 10 packages per month.
If you want to send an additional 10 packages per month, then we take the retainer price,
multiply it by 70% and add that to the monthly retainer. 


The Fine Print


Retainer Duration - There is no long term contract or commitment. You can cancel at anytime. We recommend our clients to plan on staying with us for a minimum of six months to start to see significant results, but you are not committed to that. Cancel at anytime. 


Hard Costs - Hard costs are billed back to the client. The monthly fees are for consulting, strategic and operational services. Any hard costs such as printing, shipping, materials, are all billed back to you. 


Labor - We cover a majority of labor expenses within reason. We cover shipping labor, packaging, design, copywriting, etc. We do this within reason.

For example, if you need a case study or some materials designed for the outreach, we will handle those. If you need an entirely new brand for your company, a new website, or materials that are not meant for the outbound campaigns, that is not included.

In addition, any package assembly labor will be covered within reason. A simple assembly we will handle, although a complex assembly we will charge the additional costs back to you.

For example, if we buy an engraved box online and then fill it with materials, that is a simple assembly and we will cover those costs.  On the other hand if we decide to hollow out books and that costs an additional $40 per book in labor then we will bill those costs back to you. 

For labor, we will have open discussions about what is within reason and we will let you know if anything steps outside of what we consider reasonable. 


Commissions - Commissions are due for any clients who are on the dream client list and who we make contact with during the engagement. 

Commissions are due at the full rate for one year from the date of the first payment from the client. 
After one year, the commission rate drops to half of the commission rate for the second year.
After two years from the first payment, the sales commission terminates.

If you cancel your monthly retainer prior to generating revenue from any dream clients, you do not owe any commissions if you close them in the future. 

If you cancel your monthly retainer after a dream client has sent you the first payment, then commissions are still due for two years regardless of if you keep the monthly retainer.


Weekly Calls - You are responsible for showing up to our weekly phone calls. At the start of the engagement we will set a time for our weekly phone calls and stick with that. If you need to reschedule, you must let Outbound know 48 hours in advance so we can attempt to reschedule. We do our best to reschedule calls, although if it is not possible for us to reschedule then that week will go without a call. 


Next Steps

Next Steps

Next Steps

Next Steps

Take some time, think it over.
Really think about your dream clients and how winning more of them could change your business. 

But don't commit to this impulsively. This is a process, and when you commit to this retainer you should expect to stay on board for at least six months to see results. 

Our hopes are that when you sign on with us, you will become a partner for life. We want to help you grow your business, double your sales and build the business that you dream of. 

In order for us to do that, we need you on board.
We need you committed, focused and ready to grow your business.

If you have any question on the engagement, or the packages outlined on this page, send me an email and lets set up a call to talk in more detail. 

Once you decide on an option, we will set up our weekly time for a call and dive in.
We will start building a campaign that will win you your dream clients and change your business forever. 

Jake Jorgovan
Creative Strategist
Outbound Creative